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During our time together I will help you overcome any and all obstacles that are holding you back from completing your book...
In just three days you will have:
  • The perfect title for your book  
  • A compelling subtitle  
  • Your chapter titles  
  • Your chapter outlines  
  • Your bonuses  
  • Your book's URL
  • Your book cover
  • And more!
You'll be amazed at how much we accomplish in just 3-days together.

This is a small group workshop designed so I can give you maximum attention and focus on helping you achieve celebrity author status through your powerful book!
Let Me Help You Complete Your Book!
I will even personally demonstrate to you how easy it is for you to get your book written once you have laid out the structure of your book.
Even if you've already written and published a book, come again and have Raymond help you write your next one!
Big Draw Prize For Attending... One Lucky Attendee Will Win An Exclusive Branding Video Recorded Personally By Raymond Just For You!
This is an exclusive closed-door event, only 10-10-10 Program members have access to it, so don't miss out!
Due to the intense 1-on-1 attention each attendee will require we will only have a limited number of seats for this camp, it is first come, first served.
Let's get your book done! 
What People Are Saying After Attending 
The Get Your Book Done Book Camp:
"For me, taking time out of the office and immersing myself in Raymond Aaron's Get Your Book Done Event, was the defining factor in me now holding my published book! Since then EVERYTHING has taken off!!! Thank the universe that I took the hint and went to the event! 3 Days that have and will continue to make a monumental difference in the rest of my life! Thank you for all your support Raymond Aaron!"
 -Dale Allen, Author of “The Book On Chemical Safety” 

“The 10-10-10 programme gave me clarity and focus and the belief that I could write a book. The 3 day course was intense, crammed full of content and run by a master with humour and hard work.It gave structure to the format of my book and made it really easy to accomplish!”  
 -Natasha Aylott, Author of “Get Blissed”

"I went to Raymond Aaron's Get Your Book Done Workshop Event with my boyfriend. I didn't think I could even write a book, I just went along. Now I've got my book done because Raymond showed me how. I'm now 21 years old and I'm the award winning author of the book on elderly care, how cool is that!!! I'll be the award winning author for the rest of my life and doors are opening that never would of ever before going to the 3 day workshop. Go go go! Everyone I know is full of excuses - I have a book!!!"
 -Shona Britton-Mcloed - Author of "The Book On Elderly Care"

Raymond's "Get Your Book Camp" is the ultimate workshop for extreme success. It reveals legendary secrets that remarkably uplifts authors to a phenomenal level of freedom lifestyle. It intensely focuses on proven strategies and produces extraordinary results that irresistibly attract more miracles into your life. Join us to experience the best life has to offer for you! 
 -Pitima Tongme - Author of "Unstoppable You"

Get Your Book Done Book Camp!
I Will Personally Help You Finish Your Book At This
Exclusive Event For 10-10-10 Program Members Only!
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